Indian River Lagoon, Florida

Florida is experiencing a “wicked” problem that includes social, economic, political and environmental components.

The Everglades is drying up, the sea level is rising, the freshwater resources are being depleted by urban areas and other states, and polluted Lake Okeechobee waters are washing into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

Articles describing the death:

Comprehensive powerpoint from Florida Oceanographic Society explaining the full “wicked” problem:


5 thoughts on “Indian River Lagoon, Florida

  1. Marine Science Homework: With the sudden death of many marine animals in the Indian River Lagoon (IRL), fisherman/ restaurants are being directly affected, thus affecting tourism and business profits. If fisherman cannot catch enough clean fish to distribute, business will become even slower than it already has been, and profits will decrease. This is the same for many others such as water sport companies and other businesses that rely on the IRL. My idea is that Gov. Rick Scott needs to give approval for FAU to be granted $2 million in state funds so research can be done on the dead animals of IRL, and accurate information can be produced about this ongoing issue.

  2. Looking at the powerpoint on the huffington post, most of the manatees were covered in green algae- since they live towards the top of the water, the algae can grow on their backs since they have access to sunlight. I would be terrified along with horrified to see dolphin skeletons floating up. I am wondering why if they have these mass numbers of death why they continue to dump water into the lake and why they don’t take heavier precautions to keep the runoff from entering the rivers and lake Okechobee. It said that the The Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University was getting $2 mil dollars for research and I am curious what the results of that were. The level of dolphin deaths is really high- 79? that’s sad an unacceptable. It looks like Sarasota is spending money working on new Sewage systems and water treatment plants. They are also looking into sediment removal. I think overall before anyone takes a step to “fix” one thing- they should think about the effect it will have on other things.

  3. This first article is very relative to what I am studying. The article speaks about the deaths of dolphin, manatee, and pelican. Thousands of acres of seagrass were also wiped out, and that is the manatee’s source of food. It does get worse though, Gov. Rick Scott did not pass the bill to study the water to find the cause of the deaths of the animals. He also allegedly put the large polluting companies in charge of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and the DEP in charge of the water quality in Florida. These animals deserve much more than this. Just because they cannot communicate with people doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a fair chance at survival.

    The second article still pertains to what I am studying. This article speaks about the unusual deaths of dolphin in the Indian River Lagoon. Researchers are trying to find the cause of the dolphin deaths. Their water has been polluted to the point that, if it keeps up, there is no way to get the lagoon back to normal. Researchers found that the cause of the pollution was waste in the septic tank, which entered groundwater. Because of the relaxed regulations, the septic tanks have not been taken care of, and it got to a point where the animal’s habitat was damaged, and the animals killed in an inhumane way.

  4. All these marine wild life dying is so alarming to me and its so sad! All these animals dying in the Indian River Lagoon in so sudden! It’s affecting everything in that area not jus fisherman but also restaurants. Tourism and business is also declining due to this sudden death of all these animals. Since the fisherman aren’t producing enough fish then the businesses are declining more and more each day. I think that Florida Atlantic University should be granted the 2 million dollars for research because i really would like to see what they come up with.

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