News Articles and Videos Regarding Lake O discharges this week

Assimilate this information into what you know about being a stakeholder, the effects of algae, and what we found under the microscope.
News Video and Article:

5 thoughts on “News Articles and Videos Regarding Lake O discharges this week

  1. HW: While representing the side of the Martin County residents and business owners, the release of the Lake Okeechobee water once again will be a sort of déjà vu. With the previous release, business owners lost a majority of their sales, and residents are unhappy with this as well. This release is especially public; I’ve seen news about it on TV and all over the internet. This publicity regarding the algae could definitely cause a negative affect on tourism and population in Martin County, leading to a decrease in the economic circulation.

    This release could also have negative affects on the phytoplankton and zooplankton populations. With algal blooms comes a lack of oxygen, or dead zone. Dead zones have the ability to kill mass populations of marine creatures. This could definitely put a damper on fishing industries that rely on the Indian River Lagoon, as they would be unable to get healthy fish from the lagoon.

  2. The release is probably going to affect a lot of things around that area but most important is going to be probably the phytoplankton and zooplankton. Algal blooms reduces the amount of oxygen or also known as a Dead Zone. If a dead zone is formed than most marine animals will be killed or die from the dead zone. Fishing ports would go down tremendously and lose a lot of money. I have the money side in our project and money would go down which would mean that tourisms would probably go down as well.

    • The Army Corps of Engineers has begun to release water from Lake Okeechobee again, but this time, to the west. This is due to the increased level of the lake, and also the rain to come. The problem with this would be the lack of wildlife that is to result in the Caloosahatchee River because of the discharge from Lake Okeechobee. When the last discharge came, it took 5 months to start to clear up. This ruined the summer of the people who live in Florida, the tourists that travel to Florida, and the animals that live in that area. The animals don’t have a voice, but they have people to help them out. The residence of the area were upset to hear that the dumping was going to happen, but so is the rest of Florida. The algal blooms did not allow people to go into the water, and hundreds of animals were found dead. Now the dumping is happening again in the Caloosahatchee area and in the St. Lucie area. This means two parts of Florida will be contaminated with the water, and even more animals will be killed in their homes. There aren’t many options for the Lake Okeechobee water level, but another way needs to be found. There is always another solution, there just has to be someone willing to find it.

  3. The water level rose less then 2/10 of a foot and there was predicted rainfall so the Army Corp of engineers decided to dump water. The options look like either no discharge or a “maximum” discharge. The more water is dumped, created higher levels of toxic algae growth. This affects not only the organisms and microorganisms that live in the water, but also residents and tourists that want to swim or boat. They are also beginning to dump water in the east and West. The river was just starting to recover and the ACOE is going to destroy any hope of ever coming back to how it was. Depending on how much water builds up, the lake may flood, but it would probably be better to wait until the water level got to a closer to dangerous level.

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